33 Carefully Selected Inspirational Charcoal Drawing Examples

Charcoal is a versatile drawing material produced from willows or vine branches that have been burned into charcoal. A pencil is a compressed and wood-framed form of this substance to prevent your hands from getting dirty. At the same time, the pen, unlike the Charcoal Bar, will not break easily when pressed. Black pens allow for a range of tone richness, from strong, dark or very fine lines of dark black to greys.

Pencil is the most basic painting material. Developing the composition and light-shadow techniques with black pencil pictures will be the most appropriate method of working. Leaving aside the unique features and technical difficulties of the paints, you can take your first step into painting with black pencil studies.

If you are interested in charcoal studies, you can look at carefully selected inspirational charcoal drawing examples according to your level.