40 Different Pencil Drawings to Improve Yourself

With charcoal technique, you can work as a single color composition. In addition, these works will be an exercise for the oil paintings you will paint. These works that you will perform in sketchbooks may turn into magnificent paintings in the future. Pencil and charcoal pencil works, a material that painters have been unable to give up for centuries, have always aroused a different fascination in the audience. These light-shadow and contour works, created by leaving aside the richness of color of oil and watercolor works, are not only works of art in their own right, they also play a guiding role for color works.

Leaving aside the unique features and technical difficulties of the paints, you can take your first step into painting with black pencil studies. A charcoal study we recommend that you work on the same or similar issues until you are satisfied with the result.

In addition to talking about the technique in this section, we offer you an examples of pencil drawing to improve yourself.