60 Most Beautiful Creative Drawing Ideas

The first thing to learn when starting drawing charcoal is how to hold the pencil and how to throw the line. These two elements are the most important initial issue. Because the line is very important when drawing. To hold a pencil, you need to hold your hand as high as possible from the paper. Thus, the hand does not touch the paper, the drawing does not deteriorate.

While short lines should be supported from the finger, large lines should be thrown from the wrist. As the lines begin to grow, it is necessary to throw lines from the elbow and from the arm in larger lines. Learning the line is the first rule of formal learning. Therefore, controlled lines should be used as much as possible. Control is achieved by working with lines on paper.

For charcoal pencil work, you can use a dough eraser with various soft pencils as well as charcoal pencils or fuser like materials. So you can balance the light shadow distribution in your pictures and fix errors more easily. Working with “H” like hard pencils to begin with and switching to softer pencils as your picture progresses will help you balance the light-shadow distribution. Of course, your choice of paper is very important. Your picture will look more attractive to you as textured paper will keep more pencil marks on them. Still, we recommend that beginners prefer less textured and less gram colored papers. Otherwise, you may be faced with a completely blackened pattern in an instant, making the picture too dark. As always, after giving information about drawing, you can look at the creative drawing ideas I have prepared for you.