64 Easy and Difficult Mixed Super Drawing Ideas

The technique of painting with charcoal or charcoal pencil is basically considered as the beginning of color painting techniques, as well as a technique that can be walked as a separate way. It is considered the basis of the pattern technique.The volume form can be given with lines in addition to the light shadow effect.

We can make our drawings on many conceivable surfaces, but of course we use picture papers as the basis. These papers vary in quality according to texture and weight. Paper suitable for the pattern to be drawn should be selected and papers that are too thin and cannot hold charcoal should be avoided. Various picture papers are available on the market. I recommend wipe-resistant papers that are grainy (textured) and hold lines.

These items, which have numbers indicating the softness and darkness of the graphite used on them, i.e. coal, receive letters such as h-hb-f-b. They are usually ranked between 9h and 9b h is the hardness expression b is the softness number. Hardness and softness increase as the number increases. I generally recommend that you start with a light drawing with a pen of 2h and then continue with H,hb and shading with 2b. For starters, I think this range is appropriate. I thought this information was important for beginners to drawing. I present the easy and difficult drawings I have chosen for you as a mixed. I hope you like it.