23 Different Nail Ideas You Will Want to Try

Manicure trends are also constantly changing, and now nails are more at the forefront than ever before. Those who like the change have different nail shapes instead of the classic models. No one wants to be content with nails in certain ways anymore. I would like to give you a little information about the types of nails before I present these nail ideas to you.

Almond nails; This type of nail shape is actually the most preferred cuticle shape. Whether you have long fingers or short, it suits every hand type. Her hands certainly make her look more attractive and beautiful. Lana Del Rey also uses her choice mostly for oval and almond-shaped nails.

Stiletto nails; It was a manicure trend that spread from Rihanna all over the world. The Stiletto deserves its name to the end, too; it represents pointed and long nails. Using these nails on a daily basis is a bit laborious. They’re pretentious, but if you don’t have the superstar lifestyle, I’d advise you to stay away.

Oval nails; If you have large hands or fingers, the oval nail shape is for you. With this style, your hands will look thinner and more elegant. The nail is ideal for wide fingers as it looks narrower when rasped from the sides.
Also, if your hands are smaller than they are, oval nails will show your fingers longer.

Short nails; It is an ideal model for thin, long fingers and large hands. This nail shape is also one of the most preferred manicure styles since the past.

Round Nails; If you have chubby and short fingers, you should prefer rounded nails. Round nails will show your fingers weaker and longer than they are.