23 Stunning and Excellent Nail Designs You Will Love

One of the things that men pay most attention to in women is their hands, no doubt. But more importantly, women feel better with well groomed and elegant hands. It’s easy to have nice and well groomed hands. In addition to going to beauty centers, you can also do your own hand care at home.

After a good nail care, all that’s left is nail polish. Multicolored, all kinds of nail polish make nails look beautiful and give women the opportunity to show that they are following fashion. The colors that make their mark this year are pastel shades such as Nile Green and rose gold, which change every year in nail fashion. Black nail polish, which has become a trend for the last few years, continues to appear this year. And then there’s the French nail model, which reflects the never ending red tones and nobility.

There are a lot of nail polish colors, but not every color nail polish is befitting every nail model. Just because it’s fashion, if you prefer a nail polish that doesn’t fit your nail structure, your hands may look worse than they are. If you are going to use colors such as red, burgundy and black, your nail cut should be square and short, otherwise a simple appearance may occur. However, if you prefer colored nail polish, you should avoid very long and pointed nails. If you are going to apply the French model on your nails, try to keep the dark white line thin regardless of the length of your nails, if the line is thick, your nails will be unnatural. Finally, if you like to applying pearlescent or shimmering nail polish, keep your nails medium in size and cut the ends slightly round, but make sure that your nail shape is not triangular when cutting. You can try any of the stunning and exellent nail designs and colors I have chosen.