Stuttering young man selling bibles

A young man was inspired to help with his church’s fundraiser.

He asked the preacher if he could go door to door selling Bibles.

The preacher agreed, but knowing that the young man stuttered, he gave him only 3 Bibles to sell.

The next day, the young man returned and asked for more.

The preacher gave him 5 more.

The next day the preacher gave him 10 more.

By the end of the week, the young man had broken the church record for the most Bibles sold in a week.

The preacher believed that divine intervention had taken place. He was amazed and wanted to know the young man’s secret.

So the preacher asked the young man how he was able to sell so many Bibles in such a short time.

The young man smiled and said,

“I asked them if they wanted to buy a Bible or if they wanted me to read it to them.