Funny Joke > Selling Or Selling Smart?

A salesman sells his wares door to door in a huge high-rise building.

He knocks on a young man’s door and asks him: “Would you like to buy the latest toothbrush? Only ten dollars.”

“Ten dollars for a toothbrush!” shouts the man. “What idiot would pay ten dollars for a toothbrush? You’re out of your mind.”

“Well then,” the salesman continues, “how about a freshly baked brownie for a dollar?” The man thinks and says, “Okay, why not?”

The salesman hands him the brownie. The man takes a bite and spits it out on the floor of the aisle.

“God, it tastes like shit!” he exclaims.

“That’s because it tastes like shit,” the salesman explains. “And would you be interested in a toothbrush?”