Funny Joke > Wishes Of The State Police

Two men are driving in Alabama when they are pulled over by a state trooper.

The trooper approaches, bangs his baton on the window, the driver rolls down the window, and the trooper hits him in the head with the baton.

The driver says, “Why did you do that?”

The trooper says, “You’re in Alabama, son. Your license will be ready when I pull you over.”

The driver says, “I’m sorry, officer, I’m not from around here.”

The officer checks the man’s license and it is clean.

He gives the man his license back and goes to the passenger side and knocks on the window.

The passenger rolls down the window and the policeman strikes him with his baton.

The passenger says, “Why did you do that?”

The cop says, “I’m just granting wishes.”

The passenger says, “Huh?”

The cop says, “I know two miles down the road you’ll be saying, ‘I wish that he had done that to me.